Accurate Freeze is a high quality Fully Coated, Hard Sized, High Yield, Folding Boxboard. It has an impressive brightness (90% Elrepho), high smoothness (1 pps), brilliant shine and an extremely attractive white reverse side - Accurate™ meets even the highest demands. In order to achieve the brilliant gloss, the coating is applied with a new dosing element. As well as achieving excellent opacity and best possible printing and coating characteristics, this technique also allows significant energy savings to be made.


With a low odour and taste specification, Accurate™ also meets the highest sensory requirements. The new GC2 quality is therefore ideally suited for the food sector, especially for confectionery and chocolate where packaging is required to be neutral in odour and taste. 

As it is a perfect match for finishing and processing techniques, Accurate™ is also ideal for high-quality packaging solutions in the personal care and pharmaceutical area.

The new quality is offered with a freeze or freeze-grease barrier and as a result is especially well suited for greasy food and frozen products – FSC® and PEFC™ certified available as all MMK qualities.

 Besides excellent surface characteristics for brilliant printing and processing results, Accurate™ also offers a high degree of supply security with short lead times: The strategic location of the Dutch Eerbeek mill in Western Europe guarantees shortest transportation routes with a flexible delivery service, which also results in enhanced sustainability goals.

Accurate™ is available in the grammage range 215-450 gsm with FSC®or PEFC™ certification and can be ordered with a halal certificate on request.


Full range available ex- mill from 215 gsm / 340 micron to 450 gsm / 840 micron

Product Type

  • White back Folding box board

Our Stock List

245gsm400 microns520 x 720
  620 x 920
  720 x 850
  720 x 1020
265gsm440 microns640 x 950
  720 x 900
  720 x 1020
290gsm490 microns650 x 800
  720 x 900
  720 x 1020
  1020 x 720
325gsm560 microns720 x 1020
  1020 x 720

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