When strength is essential, Custom Kote® delivers. This Coated Natural Kraft® (CNK®) paperboard delivers on its reputation for durability and dependability.

Custom Kote® offers outstanding strength that stands up to the most stressful environments throughout the supply chain. As a result, you can expect optimal product protection that in turn assures consumers are left with a positive brand impression.


Full range available ex- mill from 290 gsm / 356 micron to 555 gsm / 762 micron

Product Type

  • Kraft boards

Our Stock List

345gsm432 microns525 x 800
390gsm508 microns660 x 900
  720 x 900
  720 x 1020
  1020 x 770
450gsm610 microns520 x 720
  720 x 1020
  1020 x 720
485gsm660 microns640 x 900
  900 x 640
520gsm711 microns640 x 900
  720 x 1020
555gsm762 microns710 x 1000
  715 x 770

Downloadable Items

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 Custom kote Specification SheetPDF
 Custom Kote Product Safety SheetPDF