Guidelines for Storage of Carton Board

1. When packed in original shrink-wrap and stored in dry conditions, climatic changes will not affect carton board.

2. Board needs time to acclimatise depending on the board temperature after delivery. It is generally recommended that board should be stored in pressroom conditions for a least 48 hours prior to conversion. During this period of acclimatisation the shrink wrap must remain intact on the pallet.
Board which is too cold will lead to condensation on the coating which will affect printability.

3. Shrink wrap should only be removed from the pallets immediately prior to printing. The optimal air conditions in the pressroom are RH 50% at 23C. If RH varies more than 5%, it can have a bad effect on the 'shape' of the board.

4. After printing board should be converted into finished cartons as soon as possible. If there is to be a lengthy delay the printed sheets should be re shrink-wrapped and stored at pressroom conditions.


1. Folding cartons should not be packed too tightly in the corrugated containers. Approximately 5% of the case length should remain available as 'free space'.


2. Folding cartons inside the corrugated cases should not come under any load pressure. The corrugated cases being stacked on pallets should have sufficient free space between the folding cartons and the top of the corrugated cast. The amount of free space to be allowed is dependent upon the quality of the corrugated case and the manner in which the cases are to be stacked.


3. Where storage conditions are likely to have wide variations (eg RH +/- 10%), the pallets should be shrink-wrapped.


4. In optimal conditions it is generally accepted that the folding cartons that are more than 6 months old may not erect as original intended as the creases may have expanded.


The above points are given as guidelines only. As local conditions, position in warehouse, and manufacturing conditions vary very widely, it is impossible to give a definitive ruling on this subject.